Why Choose Us?

Every high school senior who steps in front of our camera brings a unique personality and character with them. It is our responsibility to capture that unique character and create images that both your family and friends will recognize and enjoy viewing over and over.


Anyone can take a picture of what you look like, but Northstar Photography will create senior portraits that showcase your interests, achievements, personality, and style…images that tell WHO YOU ARE! When your friends and family look at your senior pictures the first words out of their mouths will be “THAT’S SO YOU!”  Traditional or edgy, conservative or adventurous – the choice is yours. Northstar Photography creates your portraits to represent YOUR style, regardless of what that might be.

  • Northstar has been chosen greater Bangor’s best photography studio 6 years in a row and Dave has 30 years’ experience photographing seniors from all over eastern Maine.  His vast experience helps him to know how to make you look your very best while also making you look comfortable and relaxed. Most importantly, he knows how to help you have fun—because if you feel good, you’ll look great!
  • We are a Full Time portrait studio. This is not a part time gig for us or a way to add a few dollars to our wallet. We make our living doing what we love and have the experience and the education to prove it!
  • We are THE experts in making you look amazing by using professional lighting, posing and artistic retouching. You will look natural and awesome! He stays on top because he constantly researches and experiments with new imaging techniques. The portraits he creates are not copied from anyone. His styles are unique, innovative and artistic. He never does ‘cookie-cutter’ photography, so your senior portraits won’t look like anyone else’s.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed! It’s simple; you either love your portraits or you pay nothing. No hassles or questions.

You have a lot of choices these days. It seems like everyone with a high end smartphone calls themselves a professional. It’s simply not true. There is a difference. For many looking for a yearbook photo, a simple snapshot will do and that’s ok but we are definitely not the best choice for you. At Northstar, David is dedicated to creating beautiful heartfelt images that when you look at your senior photos years down the road, you’ll be able to remember just how awesome you were at this point in your life. This is a huge milestone and we want to create portraits that will rock you for many years to come. Let’s have some fun!

Session Ideas and Fees