What to Wear

We’ve put together a list for you of all the things that you might want to consider in preparation for your session. The days are gone where everyone buys the same white shirt and jeans. Individuality is in but color coordination is still very important. Please print this out and use it as a ‘get ready’ checklist. We are here for you as well if you have any questions. You can also email us pictures of what you are thinking of wearing and we will happily help you and give you our feedback.

What you will wear will be dependent on what ages your children are and the type of shoot you decide upon (classic vs contemporary). When you set up your session, we can discuss in greater detail which clothing will enhance your portrait and produce the best looking images. In general, the idea behind choosing appropriate clothing is to make sure you look your best and to reflect your personal style. A great resource for choosing the proper clothes is on Pinterest.  There are some basics to follow. If you are going to be photographed with others you should all choose colors that compliment each other, shades of blues. warm tones,earth tones… To look slimmer, choose a tone that will match your background. A light outfit will make you look slimmer if photographed on a light background. A black outfit will make you look slimmer if photographed on a dark background. Avoid unnecessary contrast. If three people in a family wear black and one wears grey then the portrait becomes about the stand out.

Be careful of baggy clothes that might make you look larger than you are. Make sure your clothing flatters you. For instance, if you think you have large arms, be careful of sleeveless styles, they can make your arms look fuller. If you feel good in an outfit, you probably look wonderful. Make sure you are comfortable. If you are a maternity client, please make sure to not wear anything tight prior to your appointment that would leave any clothing marks on your beautiful belly.

Bring a dark t-shirt to wear under dark shirts. A white t-shirt triangle under a dark shirt sticks out like a sore thumb, so please bring a black or gray undershirt. The white t-shirt is for wearing under light toned shirts. If you have to go straight back to work after your newborn session, we suggest bringing an extra change of clothes as accidents do happen.

For young children we often remove shoes. So, please do not stress out about buying the perfectly matching shoes. For everyone else, if you want shoes in a shot, make sure they go well with the outfit in tone or that they add personality and style.Be sure to wear socks that match the outfit as well.

Your nails will show so consider this an excuse to get a manicure and pedicure. Many casual shots are done barefoot; so don’t forget about those toes! We don’t want to draw attention to your nails so avoid real bright colors. Natural or basic work best. Simple is best. Please make sure to remove nail polish off little girls unless you are wanting them specifically painted for your images.

Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal, more like what you might wear in the evening. Mascara should be clean and contain no clumps. So if your mascara is old and clumpy, replace it first. Shiny lips can make a photograph so please bring your favorite light lip gloss. Note: Many of our clients will tell us that they do not wear makeup as they prefer a more natural look. We get that but understand that but looking at a photograph is different than looking at someone with your own eyes. Please trust us on this one. A little make up will go a long ways toward making you happier with your portraits.

Please make sure you are clean-shaven. Retouching stubble is all but impossible and expensive for you to boot. Even with retouching it still does not look as good as a clean shave. Please focus on the back of the neck as there are some shots that will include your neck.

Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Let it be natural. Bring your hair care tools and products with you if need be. Although David is very aware of hair, it is hard to know what your hair “is supposed to look like”, so make sure you like the look or let him know your preferences.

Best tip here is to keep it simple. We want the attention on you. We will have you remove watches as the face of the watch can be a major distraction in a portrait.

Small additions to a session are welcomed. Favorite toys, colorful lollipops or candy canes or sentimental items are just a few ideas. For newborns, we have a large selection of hats and wraps but feel free to shop at www.etsy.com and order one if you have any specific color requirements. If you have any other fun and creative ideas, please bring them along as we are open to suggestions on how to make your session more personalized.

Most glasses glare with some prescriptions more than others. Your best bet is to check with your optometrist. Most will loan you an empty set of frames similar to yours for your photo session. If you are okay to take them off during your session, that is preferable as long as you still look like ‘you’.

Please avoid getting a sunburn and be aware that tan lines are not attractive in portraits. We suggest you vary your swimsuit top or use a tanning bed to minimize any tan marks. If your baby or child has a small bruise, bump or scratch, we can easily remove them. However, black eyes or bumps that change the appearance of someone would be a case where we would recommend rescheduling. If your baby has baby acne or craddle cap, we can remove this as well.

Please don’t forget to remove the wonderful pirate tattoo from yesterday’s birthday party before your session. It is difficult to remove these and they often leave the arm red so please have your children arrive tattoo free. Scars and moles are not automatically retouched, but can be removed or softened at your request. Extensive work may have a slight extra charge. Braces? Don’t worry. You can ask your orthodontist to have the tops taken off for the photo session, or we can retouch them out by computer (extra fees apply). However, don’t fight smiling; a braces smile is better than a “holding back a smile” look.

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