At Northstar, you get exactly the portraits you want by selecting the photo shoot styles that best fit your needs and your personality. Each of the photo shoots below provides you with a unique set of looks with its own locations, backgrounds and lighting. Mix and match the sessions you feel will best tell your story.

You will see between 20 and forty different poses from each standard photo session you select, so you will always have more than enough to choose from. The photo shoot fee covers the photography time, and does not include any finished portraits. It does, however, include the very best senior photography you can get anywhere, at any price.

Session Fees:

Choose from the Gallery session, the Cityscape session or the Nature session.

1 single session $95   2 sessions $150   3 sessions $195

The Drive Thru session $75   Includes yearbook photo and up to 12 images to choose from

Minimum Order for 1 session is $195, for 2 sessions is $245 and 3 sessions is $325

Add – Ons

Add a Sportraits session for $45 (Normally $90) as an add to any existing session.

Add a mini family session for only $25 or a regular family session for $45 (normally $95)

Session 2The Gallery session

One of our most popular sessions! It offers both variety and a combination of styles, can be customized and is a great add-on to a combo session.

Choose from up to 4 changes of clothes, lots of backgrounds and an awesome collection of unique and fun poses.

Session Ideas:

  • Formal and Casual clothes
  • Bring anything you Collect or is a Hobby. What’s your passion?
  • Sports Gear, Team Uniforms, Music Instruments & Exercise Gear
  • Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Favorite Pet

Session 1The CityScapes session

Looking for something a little different! This session is very unique! It focuses on the wonderful architecture and feel of a downtown urban environment. We focus on brick walls, doorstops, graffiti walls and cool alleyways.

Choose from up to 3 changes of clothes, a variety of city backgrounds and an awesome collection of unique and fun poses.

Session Ideas:

  • Everything from formal to grunge clothing
  • Bikes, In-lines,Skateboards, Motorcycles and Cars
  • Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Best friend

Session 3The Nature session

The perfect session for anyone who loves the outdoors! We’re only minutes away from some of the most beautiful areas of Bangor. Choose from a huge variety of backgrounds such as streams, a lake, rustic fences, flowers, tall grass, old buildings and birch trees.

Choose from up to 3 changes of clothes

Session Ideas:

  • Casual Clothes; shorts, jeans skirts, tanks
  • Off Road Bikes, Motorcycles or car, Kayaks, Canoes and other Water Gear
  • Your Favorite Pet

Session 4The Drive Thru session

Designed for seniors and their parents who don’t want a lot of extras, this quick professional 20 minute session offers a variety of head shot poses to choose from.

Includes 1 outfit and the yearbook pose of  your choice

It’s a good choice for producing a great image for the yearbook at an affordable price.

Two session styles are available:

Nature or Studio Gallery



Sportrait Sessions

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Tired of the same old sport photo that your school photographer takes of you EVERY YEAR”? (You know they’ve been doing it since 1942 right?) Then why are you waiting? Call us and let us do a really amazing “Sportrait Session” and really show off how amazing you are. Sportrait sessions are designed to give you a one of a kind unique photo session that will celebrate your love of sports.This is absolutely one of the coolest sessions around!

Choose from up to 2 sport uniforms

May be purchased as a stand alone session for $95 or as an upgrade ($45) to any senior session we offer.

13612396_10154303596632433_844756708476721621_nFamily Sessions

This is a wonderful time to get the family together.

Two session styles are available:

Mini Session: $25 Includes 1 outfit and is photographed at time of the senior’s session. Includes 6-10 images to choose from and up to 20% off our regular price list.

Regular Session: $45 (normally $95) includes up to 2 outfits, can be photographed at time of senior session or another day, includes up to 45 minutes of time and 25 images to choose from and up to 20% off our regular price list.